The Law of Associations

Law of Associations describes some of the laws which regulate the association of individuals who band together to carry on a business. The type of association chosen will depend on a number of factors such as taxation advantages, the ability to limit liability, and the need to obtain access to capital externally.

Individuals may choose unincorporated and incorporated non-profit associations, partnerships and companies.

This course aims to introduce students to the types of associations and examine the advantages and disadvantages of the structures chosen.

The course also includes a critical analysis of leading cases in the UK as well as an examination of the Companies Act 2006 and other relevant legislation.  


Topics covered include:-

  1.  Key terms and expressions (Termini chiave nel diritto societario inglese)
  2. General overview of the UK Company Law (Aspetti principali del diritto societario inglese)
  3. Different types of business structures (Le diverse tipologie di impresa in UK) 
  4. Incorporation of a company in UK (Costituzione di una società di capitali inglese) 
  5. Shareholders’ rights (Diritti dell’azionista) 
  6. Directors’ powers, duties (Poteri, obblighi e responsabilità degli amministratori)
  7. Caselaw

 For further details send an email to to express an interest in this course scheduled for 2017.


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