One of the most popular business models used today to expand globally is franchising.

We have developed this course to assist the practitioner and their client to understand the complexities of this type of business expansion.

The International Franchising Law Masterclass is comprised of the following topic areas:

  1. Different business models in the franchising system
  2. Business format of franchising
  3. The impact of different cultures and legal systems of international franchising
  4. The effect of a wide range of laws which govern franchising such as franchising laws, codes of conduct, trademark protection, dispute resolution
  5. New developments in taxation avoidance and minimisation and the impact it has on business models.


More specifically, we will be looking at:-

1)   Definition of franchising.

2)   Assessing a franchise business for suitability of transport to overseas jurisdictions.

3)   The role of legal advisers in the business decision to expand a franchise to a new country.

4)   Comparison of Business Models (organics, agents, distributors, licencing, franchising, joint ventures, master franchisees)

5)   Franchising and the concept of culture

6)   Building and protecting the brand

7)   Due diligence

8)   Brand Due Diligence

9)   Role of advisers in due diligence

10) Contents of a franchising agreement

11) Obligations of franchisor and franchisee

12) Other important terms in a franchise agreement

13) Due Diligence Considerations

14) Carve-outs

15) Comparative session – Italy v UK

16) International Franchise Laws and Regulations

17) Franchise Business Structures

18) Expansion in franchising

19) Legal Issues in negotiation matters

20) Intellectual Property Issues

21) Protection of Trade Marks

22) Real Property considerations – Leases and licences

23) Dispute Resolution

24) Alternative dispute resolution – mediation and arbitration

25) Forum and choice of Law

26) Factors in dispute resolution

27) The future of franchising

28) Social Franchising

29) Exit Strategies – selling, insolvency, buyouts, public listing, venture capitalists

The students will be learning the above through caselaw and practice case studies to apply the concepts to real practical situations. 




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