Course Description

Cambridge English for Job-hunting is designed to develop the specialist English language knowledge and communication skills that job-seekers need to apply for and secure jobs. Ideal for both working professionals and those new to the world of employment, the course comprises six standalone units covering core areas such as preparing a CV, writing a cover letter, and answering interview questions. Authentic materials such as genuine CVs and cover letters give learners practical experience in understanding and preparing vital documents. In addition, the course also offers valuable advice to help improve job-hunters' confidence, including help with difficult interview questions and how to present yourself effectively. Cambridge English for Job-hunting offers teachers notes and extension activities online. It is also ideal for self-study.

Topics include:-

1. Preparing for Interviews

2. Dealing with Interviews

3. Handling Different Types of Interviews

4. Writing Applications

5. Writing CVs and covering letters

6. Application Forms & Personal Statements

7. Marketing Yourself on Social Networks

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