English for Negotiating is aimed at people who regularly need to negotiate in English at work. This course will provide you with the language needed to handle the typical scenarios encountered on the way to successful negotiations. 

Topics Include:-

  1. Preparation 
  2. Setting Objectives
  3. The HIT Table
  4. The Successful Negotiator
  5. Setting Objectives
  6. Prioritizing Objectives
  7. Drawing Up an Agenda
  8. Getting to know the other side
  9. The Meeting
  10. Invitation to a meeting
  11. Last-Minute changes to the agenda
  12. The Meeting's goals
  13. The best approach
  14. Proposals
  15. Making Proposals
  16. Responding to a Proposal
  17. Offering a Counter-proposal
  18. A New Offer 
  19. Types of Negotiation
  20. Clarifying Positions
  21. Introducing new Ideas
  22. Resolving differences
  23. Dealing with deadlock
  24. Handling conflict
  25. Dealing with differences
  26. Settling matters
  27. Agreement
  28. Finalizing the agreement
  29. Setting up an action plan
  30. Closing an agreement

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