Do you need individual private Legal English lessons (1:1) ? 

Do you need to prepare for the Toles (Test of Legal English Skills) Examination and do not have the time to frequent class.

 Your solution is now here with your lessons and your personal tutor (via Skype or Hangouts) and you do not even have to leave your desk or the comfort of your home. 

These on-line English language lessons is ideal for non-native English speaking professions. If you are currently working or would like to work in the legal sector, this course is an ideal starting point.  Lawyers, judges, accountants, notaries, in-house counsel, legal secretaries, translators, paralegals, legal executives, management, law students and support staff can all benefit from this course and enrich their knowledge. 

Lessons are conducted in English by a professional lawyer who is admitted in the UK and has extensive experience in international trade and commercial law. Where necessary, explanations are also available in Italian. 

You can enjoy this course, no matter where you are in the world. You will be more confident and fluent and gain a competitive edge over your peers. 

At the end of your course cycle, you will be given an in-depth analysis of your progress, your strengths and the areas that you need to improve. Classes can also be supported by face - to - face lessons held during our summer schools and weekend schools. 

Start today, and enter into the fascinating world of common law. 

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