English for Meetings

Participating in a meeting is a real challenge for non-native speakers and can cause a certain amount of anxiety. When are you allowed to make a contribution and how do you word it properly? When is the right time to ask questions and what happens if you actually have to run the meeting? And what about writing up the minutes. 

This course will provide you with the speaking skills that you need in order to participate in a meeting with confidence.

Topics Include:-

  1. Arranging a meeting
  2. Confirming a meeting by email
  3. Rescheduling a meeting
  4. Saying hello and making introductions
  5. Starting a meeting
  6. Stating the objectives
  7. Introductions
  8. Reporting Progress
  9. Explaining cause and effect
  10. Interrupting and dealing with interruptions
  11. Asking for comments and contributions
  12. Expressing strong and tentative opinions
  13. Agreeing and disagreeing
  14. Responding to offers
  15. Buying time
  16. Taking a vote
  17. Summerizing the results of a meeting
  18. Ending a meeting and thanking participants
  19. Confirming decisions and action points
  20. Follow-up emails
  21. Saying goodbye


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