Effective Writing Skills (QLTS Module)


Effective Writing means maximum organization. Poor organization leads to a missed opportunity to present your ideas, and yourself, with power. 

In this module, you will learn how to organize your writing for effective communication.

Specifically, participants will :-

1. understand and be able to choose the appropriate method of communication 

 2. understand and be able to apply the principles of good writing.  

 Part I:  Appropriate use of media

 Participants should: 

 1. understand the appropriate uses of emails, letters, memoranda and other forms of written communication 

 2. be able to choose the appropriate medium, form and style

 3. be able to tailor the written communication to suit the purpose of the communication and the needs of different clients or recipients.

 Part II:  Writing style

 Participants should be able to produce written work which is appropriate for the chosen medium and the recipient and which:

 1. uses accurate, straightforward and modern language

 2. uses correct spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation

 3. has a clear, logical, consistent and appropriate structure and format

 4. has been checked and edited.

 Part III:  Content 

 Students should be able to produce written work which:

 1. forms a coherent whole and, where appropriate, advances the matter;

 2. addresses accurately and correctly all the relevant legal and factual issues and, where appropriate, identifies practical options including the costs, benefits and risks of those options

 3. identifies clearly clients’ objectives and priorities, addresses their concerns and carries out their instructions

 4. accurately and systematically records a meeting or presentation and its outcomes.


For further details send an email to interlawconferences@gmail.com.

Course dates for 2017 will be available shortly.



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