Globalization is here to stay and greater expertise is expected and required for the smooth movement of goods. Possessing the right knowledge is paramount as trading conditions are not only challenging and complex but ever so competitive.  A professional needs sound knowledge to ensure that goods are moved with minimal problems.

Upon completion of this course, your professional performance will be enhanced in your day-to-day management of trade.

Topics include: –

  1.  Overview of the Global Economy
  2. Balance of Payments
  3. The Legal Environment (International Treaties and Domestic Law)
  4. The Law of Contract and the Sale of goods in international trade
  5. Agency & Distribution Contracts
  6. Export/Import Order Process from quotation to agreement
  7. International Transport (Types of Transport, Packing & Marking, Transport Documentation)
  8. Customs controls (Import/Export Procedures and Documentation)
  9. Risk Management (Cargo Marine Insurance, Credit Insurance, Exchange Risk Management)
  10. Export Finance (Business Finance, International Payment Methods, Documentary Letters of Credit)
  11. Leading Cases in International Trade & Transport

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