The System of Common Law and Legal Institutions

This course introduces participants to the origins, history and present operation of the court system and legal institutions of the English common law system. We will examine the sources of law and the role of parliament in the United Kingdom. 

We will look at the hierarchy of system of courts and tribunals in the UK as well as the theory and practice of precedent, the rules of statutory interpretation and how appeals function. Additionally we will study the role of the EU and Human Rights legislation on domestic law.

Finally, we will finish our course with an examination of the nature of the legal profession, the prospects of working as a lawyer in the UK and future developments for the profession.

Students will be introduced to and have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary not only for the successful completion of their legal studies through legal essays and answering legal problems but will have the opportunity to learn to analyse and apply legal precedents as they would in ‘real’ life. This will be achieved through a study of relevant legislation and cases, class problems and class skills tasks.

The topics to be covered include:-  

1)     A Brief History of the Common Law

2)     The English Court System and the Common Law

3)     The system of appellate jurisdiction

4)     Supreme power: Parliamentary Sovereignty and Law Making

5)     Judicial Law Making and the Doctrine of Precedent

6)     Statute Interpretation

7)     The European Union

8)     The Legal Profession

9)     Firm Structure

10)  Careers in Law


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