This course focuses on the recognition of the demands and standards imposed upon or expected of practitioners.  Apart from examining the fundamental duties and obligations practitioners have we will also be studying the apparent conflicts and their resolution.


The objectives of the course are therefore:

 (a)  to give the student a sound background of the statute, common law and rules and regulations which govern professional practice as a legal practitioner;

 (b)  to provide guidance as to what can go wrong, how to recognise a problem, and what help is available, and what may occur where there has been an ethical breach.


Topics to be studied include: -

1)   Solicitors’ duties and the Regulation of practitioners;

2)   The lawyer's duty to the client;

3)   The lawyer's duty to the Court;

4)   The lawyer's duty to the public, other parties and colleagues;

5)   Regulation of practitioners and confidential communications and privilege.

6)   Misconduct and unsatisfactory professional conduct

7)   Disciplinary apparatus in UK

8)   Admission and expulsion of lawyers


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