Interviewing and Advising Clients

(QLTS Module)



On completion of this module, participants should demonstrate an understanding of the principles and techniques of the skills of interviewing and advising.

 Element 1:  Interviewing

 Participants should:

 1. be able to choose an appropriate way to obtain relevant information  

2. be able to plan, prepare for and identify the objectives of an interview 

3. understand how to conduct an effective interview that elicits the relevant information, allows the client to explain any concerns, anticipates the client’s questions and has clear outcomes 

4. be able to listen actively and use appropriate questioning techniques  

5. be able to establish a professional relationship. 


Element 2:  Advice and follow up

 Participants should be able to:

 1. advise the client taking into account the client’s objectives, priorities and constraints and addressing all relevant factual, practical and legal issues 

2. identify possible courses of action, the legal and non-legal consequences of a course of action(including the costs, benefits and risks) and assist the client in reaching a decision 

3. identify any further decisions to be made or steps to be taken and manage the client’s expectations including likely outcomes and timescales 

4. accurately record an interview, advice given orally, decisions made by the client and follow-up steps and, where appropriate, confirm instructions in each case in accordance with the outcomes for Writing 

5. identify the circumstances in which to take instructions or seek advice from a supervising solicitor.    


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