Philosophical and economic underpinnings lie behind Intellectual Property Law. 

The law of intellectual property includes the areas of copyright, design, patents, confidential information, business reputation and trademarks. 

In the Intellectual Property Law Masterclass, we will be studying key policy issues, the rationale and role of intellectual property law. 

We will examine the overlap between areas of protection, the growing importance of obligations under international treaties and the interaction of intellectual property law with other areas such as competition law and contract law. 

For each category of intellectual property, we will be learning about how the rights arise, the nature of the rights protected, ownership and exploitation. Finally, we will study infringement types and what remedies are available to owners of IP.

In particular, the Masterclass will cover: -

  1. Introduction and history of intellectual property
  2. International aspects of intellectual property protection
  3. International Treaties & UK statues and the system in the US
  4. Common Law principles and the protection of intellectual property
  5. Copyright principles and protection
  6. Copyright Assignment and Licensing
  7. Copyright Infringement, Defences and Remedies
  8. Industrial Designs & Requirements for registration
  9. Infringement of Design, Defences and Remedies 
  10. Patents principles and protection
  11. Infringement of Patents, Defences and Remedies
  12. Confidential information and principles
  13. Remedies for breach of confidential information in contract and equity
  14. Defences for breach of confidential information and Remedies
  15. Business Reputation and principles in the action of passing off
  16. Misrepresentation, Association, Sponsorship and endorsement 
  17. Trade Marks elements and principles
  18. History of Trademarks at common law and international conventions
  19. Classes of designated goods and services
  20. Trade Mark registration and elements necessary for registration
  21. Grounds for opposition to registration
  22. Licensing of Trade Marks
  23. Infringement, Defences and Remedies 
  24. Domain names and new technology issues
  25. The Future of IP

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