Equity, which includes the law of trusts, considers the historical origins and development of the equitable jurisdiction, equitable doctrines and the nature and creation of trusts.

In this masterclass, we will develop an understanding of the principles of equity and their practical application.  We will also examine some of the leading cases in equity.

The Topics covered include: -

  •  Describe key principles of equity
  • Apply key principles of equity to factual scenarios;
  • Fiduciary Obligations
  • Estoppel in Equity
  • Confidential Information and Unconscionable Transactions
  • Compare common law and equity
  • Key elements of Trusts (Elementi costitutivi del Trust)
  • Settlor, Trustee, Beneficiary(ies) (Disponente, trustee, beneficiario/i)
  • Duties and powers of trustee (Poteri e obblighi del trustee)
  • Types of trust: fixed, discretionary, resulting, constructive and others (Le diverse tipologie di trust)
  • Beneficiaries (I beneficiari: posizioni vested e contingent)
  • Equitable Remedies against Trustees and Third Parties
  • Defences


For further details send an email to interlawconferences@gmail.com to express an interest in this course scheduled for 2017.


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