In today's world there are very few jobs that do not involve the daily use of the telephone - and due to globalization, the language used on the telephone in business contexts is increasingly English. Even for people with a high level of English, speaking on the telephone presents a particular set of difficulties, for example sound quality. Not able to see the body language of the person you are speaking to also makes telephone communication more problematic than a face-to-face conversation. However, by learning some of the conventions of the language of telephoning you can overcome some of these difficulties and develop your ability to hold efficient telephone conversations. 

Topics include:-

  1. Telephoning basics: identifying yourself, getting through
  2. Making Excuses
  3. Dealing with communication problems
  4. Exchanging and checking information
  5. Spelling over the phone
  6. Saying email addresses
  7. Voicemail greetings
  8. Leaving and taking messages
  9. Making and confirming arrangements
  10. Saying times and dates
  11. Mobile phone calls
  12. Making and dealing with complaints
  13. A technical support hotline
  14. Tips for telephone customer care
  15. Making and reacting to proposals
  16. Reaching agreements


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