Contracts Law in Common Law

Contract law is a pillar of the common law system.

A practitioner needs to have an understanding of contract law as it is the basis and interlinks in many other areas such as Conveyancing, Commercial Transactions and Employment Law and so on.

The course is divided into two parts. Firstly, participants will be introduced to basic concepts of contracts together with an examination of the law of formation of contracts in common law, privity, terms and conditions and matters affecting consent. The second part of the course will focus on Remedies, Vitiating Factors, Discharge, Illegal and Void contracts and third party rights.

In this course, we will be studying not only using case studies and exercises but we will also study relevant case law both from the UK and US legal system.

The learning objectives of the course are:

(a)   to provide learners with an understanding of basic principles of contract law; and
(b)   to develop in learners an ability to analyse fact situations and correctly identify the relevant principles of contract law that are applicable to the resolution of problems raised by particular factual situations.


Contracts Law I    subjects include:-

1)   What is a contract and formation of a contract

2)   Parts to a contract and important terms in a contract

3)   Implied and Express terms in contracts

4)   Examples of clauses in contracts

5)   Case Studies


Contracts II         subjects include:-


1)   Remedies for breach

2)   Vitiating Factors

3)   Discharge

4)   Illegal and Void Contracts

5)   Third party Rights and Privity

6)   Case Studies







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