Business English SurvivalCourse

Topics Include:- 

  • PRESENTATIONS– Learning Styles, Preparing an Introduction, Visual Aids, Parts of Presentation, Ending a Presentation, Dealing with Questions and Troubleshooting 
  • TELEPHONING – Arranging meetings and Handling Information 
  • BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE – Formal and Informal Letters and Emails, Letters of Complaint, Handling  an angry phone call 
  • SOCIALIZING – Greeting People and making introductions, Talking About your career; Making Small Talk and keeping the conversation going 
  • MEETINGS – Chairing a Meeting, Interruptions and digressions, Concluding a Meeting, Asking for and giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing 
  • WRITING REPORTS – How to describe reasons, consequences and contrasts, style and tone in writing 
  • NEGOTIATING – Making Proposals, counter-proposals, conditional offers, Concluding a Successful and Unsuccessful Negotiation, Dealing with Conflict

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