In the Accounting and Business Accounts module, we will be learning about the basic principles of business accounting. Students will learn how to interpret business accounts to ensure that clients are appropriately advised.

The Learning Objectives are: -

1)   Understanding the terms used and basic accounting concepts

2)   To be familiar with how accounting data is used to prepare a profit and loss account and a balance sheet

3)   Understanding the construction of and be able to analyse and interpret a simple balance sheet and profit and loss account of a sole trader, partnership and limited company

4)   Understand the nature of shareholders’ funds (equity)

Topics to be covered include:-

a)   International Accounting Principles

b)   Explaining Accounts and key terms – Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss and Income  Statement 

c)    International Taxation Planning and different types of tax (corporate income tax, VAT, stamp duty)

d)   Accountant /Auditor – Client Relationship

e)   Leading cases


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